Aromatic cookies with wild herbs

The aromatic cookies with wild herbsis another recipe of Astypalea. Locals used to prepare the oven with olive oil nuts own harvest, and wild thyme that is scattered everywhere on the island.

The main ingredient is olive oil with a rich aromatic flavor. And of course the wild thyme, with its strong smell and distinctive taste. Soft yellow and white flour kneaded with water, olive oil and thyme to form a crispy and delicious nut.

Cookies with olive oil and thyme are handmade and double baked. The protein-rich composition makes them ideal snacks all day. Accompanied with local cheese and fresh vegetables and salads is the best meze for white wine, ouzo.

Sweet almond cookies

Sweet almond cookies is a traditional recipe. During the olive harvest period, women used to prepare them and offered them as a treat to visitors. 

Almond, olive oil, fresh eggs and a mix of spices are the basic ingredients of the these unique flavored cookies.